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About the Artist

How it all began

CIMG3566-916x1024The man behind the synonym Marc de Simon is Simon Theophil. He was born in Karlsruhe/Germany and still lives there. At the beginning of 1997 he started making music using a PC and music software available at that time. Until 2003 he was improving his style and trying to get better each day. In 2004 he published two tracks on Uptrax which both raised up into the Top-20 Uptrax-Charts and finally got hold of radio-plays on german’s most popular radio station for electronical music, Sunshine-Live.

Getting it on the way

At the beginning of 2004 Marc de Simon got into contact with established producers and labels prevailing the scene. He became acquainted with DJ Mindforce and the Klubbers Productions Team which results in several joint ventures. In 2005 Marc de Simon’s first record deal come true as “Marc de Simon – Rainbow Sky feat. Antonia B” got released. Late 2005 also “Stars” and “China 2005” has been released. Also a track exclusively produced for Leo Koenig’s first single was released on A45 records.

Becoming professional

Since summer 2006 the major priority was set to the project “Marc de Simon – The Key Barrier”. Also some Radio- and TV-Plays could be counted during 2006. Until Summer 2008 Marc de Simon was working on his first album which got released on Port-au-Trance recordings and called BLEND. Most of all, BLEND got famous in France, Sweden, Benelux and the USA. Followed by the second trance album “A-Life” which also featured a Live-DJ-Mix from DJ Mindforce over the latest big trance album “Salvation In Trance” in summer 2010 the reputation was growing.

The story continues…

Right now, Marc de Simon is working on several trance releases on his friend-label superflybeats. There is also a trance podcast planned called “Salvation In Trance – The Podcast”. More on this in 2011…